E.G.G. Consult

Geological and Geophysical solutions for the subsoil characterisation of your projects

The experience gained during over 15 years of work, in Italy and abroad, in the different fields of engineering geology, allows E.G.G. planning the best solution to an appropriate subsoil characterization. The experience accrued working in different type of environmental conditions, in Italy, Latin America, Europe, Africa, collaborating with the main engineering and construction companies, confirm the E.G.G. ability to organize, acquire and interpret complex investigations for the subsoil characterization of a wide type of projects.

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Ande 129


Geophysical surveys applied to Engineering, Environmental Characterization and Pollutants Localization, Natural Resources and Hydrogeology, Archeology and Structures Analysis.

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Engineering Geology

E.G.G. Consult is the ideal partner to plan, acquire and interpret geological data of your project.

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Investigation, monitoring, evaluation of polluted sites to adequately characterize the subsoil, supporting the remediation design.

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Natural Resources

Evaluation, planning and location of natural resources.

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Archeology and Structures Analysis

Advanced geophysical services for archeological research and structural analysis and verification.

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